The eye-catching FinLink® slat offers an increased degree of coverage with a unique configuration of three privacy fins. FinLink® uses a patented bottom channel, ensuring that all slats are even in the wire and will not slip to the ground.

Design – Our unique patented design includes a rigid, flat tubular body with “legs” inside for extra support. Three flexible fins (two on one side and one on the other) are positioned on the sides of the slat body. The FinLink fins are not serrated. This provides a smooth, finished look.

Standard Heights – 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet.

Wind Load and Privacy Factor – Approximately 90%.

Slat Length – 3½” shorter than overall height of fence.

Bottom-Locking Channel – 10 feet provided in each bag.

Warranty – 25 years prorated.

Product PDF – FinLink

Installation Instructions
Step 1: Insert locking channel horizontally in first full diamond at bottom of fence with open side facing up.
Step 2: Insert vertical slats with bevel end downward.
Step 3: Push the vertical slat into the horizontal channel until it fits securely to the bottom of channel.

Slat Type Slat Width Mesh Size Wire Gauge Slats Per Bag
FinLink 1 3/8″ 2″, 2 1/4″, or 2 3/8″ 11 82

Available Colors

royal_bluelight_blue redwood  green  brown beigeblack  graywhite
Royal Blue – Light Blue – Redwood – Green – Brown – Beige – Black – Gray – White

HDPE Technical Properties
Melt Index – (.6) A low melt index indicates improved stress and crack resistance.
Density – (.957) Polyethylene ranges anywhere from .914 to .960 in density. A higher density yields maximum stiffness without becoming overly brittle.
Minimum Temperature – (-76° F) Polyethylene stays flexible even at this temperature extreme.
Maximum Temperature – (250°) Polyethylene does not distort until reaching this temperature.
Tensile Strength – (3,700 psi) Material will not suffer distortion at letter loads or impacts.