American Flag Kit


The American Flag Kit allows you to display your pride in a fun and easy way!

Our American flag slat kit is made of high quality plastic with UV stabilizers. The 4 x 6 flag can easily be installed in most chain link fences. With its eye-popping red, white and blue, our American flag is an ideal afternoon project that will make your fence stand out.

Design – High quality (HDPE) plastic with UV stabilizers.

Finished Size – When installed, the flag is 4′ x 6′ wide.

Mesh Sizes – 2″ (recommended to minimize spaces between slats.)

Wire Size – 11 & 9 gauge.

Colors – Red, White, Blue

Product PDF – American Flag Kit

HDPE Technical Properties
Melt Index – (.6) A low melt index indicates improved stress and crack resistance.
Density – (.957) Polyethylene ranges anywhere from .914 to .960 in density. A higher density yields maximum stiffness without becoming overly brittle.
Minimum Temperature – (-76° F) Polyethylene stays flexible even at this temperature extreme.
Maximum Temperature – (250°) Polyethylene does not distort until reaching this temperature.
Tensile Strength – (3,700 psi) Material will not suffer distortion at letter loads or impacts.

Ask for details about our 25-year warranty.