Aluminum Fence Slats

A classic lattice design, our aluminum fence slats provide a unique appearance at an affordable price.
Our extruded aluminum slats feature a gloss-baked enamel finish and are inserted diagonally and lock into place, making installation an easy process.

Wind Load and Privacy Factor – Approximately 95%

ColorsAluminum fence slats are available in 35 colors for 2-inch diamonds (9 or 11 gauge), and are available in 20 colors for 2.25-inch diamonds (11.5 0r 12 gauge).

Installation Instructions
Step 1: Insert rail diagonally in first full diamond at bottom of fence with open side facing up.
Step 2: Insert slats with beveled/notched end downward. Slat will engage and interlock with bottom rail.
Step 3: Push the slat in the horizontal channel to lock into place.

Slat Name Slat Width Mesh Size Wire Gauge Coverage Area
Aluminum 2″ 1 7/8″ 2″ 9 or 11 10 Linear Feet
Aluminum 2 1/4″ 2″ 2 1/4″ 11 1/2 or 12 10 Linear Feet

Available Colors


Blue – Aqua – Redwood – Green – Light Green- Brown – Beige – Black  – Yellow – White