Fence Weave

fenceweave-slats-product-imageFence Weave® is the ultimate do-it-yourself solution for homeowners looking to easily turn their ordinary chain link fence into an attractive and efficient privacy enclosure.

The most economical chain link fence filler on the market, Fence Weave® is perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Design – Fence Weave® slats are created out of flexible polyethylene extrusion (LDPE) and are available in a wide range of attractive colors.

Standard Heights – Each roll is 250 feet long and covers 40 square feet.

Wind Load and Privacy Factor – Approximately 70%.

Warranty – 5 years prorated.

Product PDF – Fence Weave

Installation Instructions – Simply weave the slats into your chain link fence, cut, and fasten with the provided copper fasteners. It’s that easy!

Slat Type Slat Width Mesh Size Wire Gauge Coverage Per Box
Fence Weave 1 7/8″ 2″, 2 1/4″, or 2 3/8″ 9, 11, 11 1/2, or 12 1/2 40 square feet

Available Colors

royal_blue light_blueredwoodgreenbrown  beigeblackgray     white
Royal Blue – Light Blue – Redwood – Green – Brown – Beige – Black – Gray – White

HDPE Technical Properties
Melt Index – (.6) A low melt index indicates improved stress and crack resistance.
Density – (.957) Polyethylene ranges anywhere from .914 to .960 in density. A higher density yields maximum stiffness without becoming overly brittle.
Minimum Temperature – (-76° F) Polyethylene stays flexible even at this temperature extreme.
Maximum Temperature – (250°) Polyethylene does not distort until reaching this temperature.
Tensile Strength – (3,700 psi) Material will not suffer distortion at letter loads or impacts.